VodaHost is a great choice for you and your clients

I’ve been running an online advertising agency for the last few months and gained quiet a few clients who provide us with regular ads. Certainly, in my business, time is money; The more you show an ad, the more you’ll get paid. I started the site with a fairly random selection of web hosting company, being unaware of the significant role of the web hosting companies in my business. As all the ads we provide are stored and transferred from our web hosting company’s servers, the uptime they provide really does matter. I got quite a few server-down problems in the last two months and really didn’t have any choice other than to change my web hosting company before I lost my clients. Although many web hosting companies do claim to provide full uptime, it seems the key is to find out who actually really, really provides it. Customer reviews helped me a lot in finding VodaHost who, since I’ve signed up with them, thus far, have provided me with next to, I guess, full uptime. I ran parallel ad hosting from both VodaHost and my previous web hosting company and as time passed decided to leave the latter as I still had hosting problems with them while I only had to send a few simple support queries to VodaHost. Due to the unlimited bandwidth of VodaHost, I’ll not have any problems even if the ad is seen by millions, nor will the storage space for my ads end because VodaHost is providing me with unlimited storage space. The VodaHost control panel is easy to navigate round in, is nicely designed and is easy to work in for normal users. The server speed is fast enough that I don’t have to go on holiday wait while uploading or downloading anything. I’ve found all the features offered to be attractive and make for a really good choice of web hosting company for the site admins. So far this has been my experience with web hosting companies, so if your search for a web hosting company is to find a web hosting that provides reliable 24×7 uptime then VodaHost is a great choice and I recommend them.