Since I turned to VodaHost I haven’t had a single problem

Hi, I’m a web administrator at a university. Managing the single website of the whole uni is not an easy job, especially when students have to log-in to the site daily to check their schedules. For the last few months I was getting quite a few complaints from student regarding ‘server-down’ problems. I contacted the customer service center of my web host about the problem, they made an excuse of some technical maintenance but the problem remained the same and every second day the server used to be down. I got an official warning too, so I decided to change our web hosting to avoid the problem. So I started to search for some good web hosting companies. I check the reviews at various sites and finally reached VodaHost after reading a bunch of satisfied reviews.

I signed up with VodaHost; It took less than 24 hour for me to sign up and have my account running. I had read of the easily manageable c-panel in reviews, I tried it and found it to be really good. I transferred the site to VodaHost. With the unlimited SQL server support, the increase in number of students will not cause any problem. The features that VodaHost provides me, like CGI, PHP, and curl, all make it quick and easy for an administrator to manage a site. The unlimited email feature that was not present in previous web hosting companies will now allow me to provide university specific addresses to all the staff. VodaHost’s PhpBB support has helped me in starting a forum so that the student may stay in contact with their tutors, and also given me quiet appreciation from the administration for an my endeavors to facilitate students. Its been 3 months since I turned to VodaHost and till now I haven’t got even a single problem of server down which makes the claim of near 100% uptime accurate.

I had talked to the customer support of VodaHost a number of times in the beginning as I was new to them, got a very positive response from their staff. The Support forum that contains answers to all your queries and provides you with any sort of help regarding VodaHost or general web hosting problems. Being a user of VodaHost I think that VodaHost is the best choice for you if you need a reliable web hosting company.