VodaHost is simply the best that I have found

There are many webhosting companies to choose from and most of them offer similar services and products.  I am not very technically sound with website design and hosting, so I knew I needed to surround myself with folks that knew what they were doing in the world of site building and hosting.

VodaHost is simply the best that I have found.  Here’s my list of why:

1. Customer Support –fast and professional. Forums are also rich with info to assist you to create website.

2. No Downtime- If there was.. I’ve never noticed….

3. Great plans-I am using their advanced plan. It breaks down the cost and it allows mutiple sites so that I can use the allocated space and bandwidth.

5.  Unlimited……uuuhh.. everything.. (almost)
This company doesn’t put a cap on things that other hosting companies do.  Here is a list of the unlimited features that I got with my hosting package:
a.    Unlimited Bandwidth
b.    Unlimited Domains
c.    Unlimited Server Space
d.    Unlimited File Transfer Space
e.    Unlimited Websites
f.    Unlimited Emails for my sites

Well that’s what I remember for now… and if I don’t remember anything else… I still just convinced myself again that I am in a good place.

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