VodaHost keeps my site up 99 percent of the time

You know what. I have heard many horror stories about many web hosting companies before so I was little apprehensive when choosing VodaHost and BlueVoda to create website. But my fears and doubts were unfounded as I have now found out. I have been with VodaHost web hosting service for ten months now and my site is up 99.9% of the time just as they promise. You are not limited in disk space or bandwidth (something unique about them). Unlimited MySQL, full shopping carts support (all third party carts including Zen Cart/Cube Cart etc), forums, guestbooks, PHP, Perl support, etc. are all what you need from a good web host. They have solid experience in the business and I found they are knowledgeable and helpful when you want to get your domain transferred to them (Free of course when you take up their hosting services). Only minus is that my one support query went back and forth with their tech support for 3 days. But we straightened it out. I had to bite it off as I have had far worse nightmares with other web hosts before. Control panel has fantastico, php nuke access too. Another plus is unlimited email accounts and you can put auto-responders on them or set them to forward to your real email. Unlimited FTP accounts! Give out FTP access to all those who need to update your site through FTP!! Simply I will say that contrary to my beliefs, I found VodaHost to be very reliable partner in my business website.

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