VodaHost are surely the best web hosting company in the industry!

Web hosting with VodaHost has given me and a number of other moms a lifeline to communicate with each other as this web hosting company has helped me to build and host my own website. Five years ago my family relocated because of my husband’s job and I suddenly found myself thrust into a different way of life and was desperately missing my old friends.

It was then that I hit upon the idea of making a website for us all to communicate and post our family pictures on. All my friends were moms themselves and we loved telling each other the latest stories of what our children had been up to; I think it’s a universal desire between moms the world over. Anyway I had a bit of knowledge of web hosting from my old job and was quite sure I could get into it again.

I was originally looking at a web hosting company that offered free websites however that meant the site would be bombarded with advertisements and I didn’t really want that. I then come across a web hosting company called VodaHost. Their prices were very reasonable and they also had their own website builder so, quite on impulse, I immediately signed up for a VodaHost account and set about making our website.

All the other moms loved it and gave me a great deal of praise for the idea but to tell you the truth, VodaHost does a lot for you. I used the VodaHost website builder (called BlueVoda) and picked up quite a few hints and tips from the VodaHost website hosting forum as I went.

The few times that I did run into problems, I simply got in touch with the VodaHost customer support help-desk. They were great; very friendly and patient with me because I did not know a lot about web hosting. Also I found I could easily control everything from the cPanel of my VodaHost account, which is so user-friendly and straight forward.

My new website includes a photo gallery, a chat box and a blog where we all send our weekly updates. I no longer miss my old friends with desperate longing thanks to VodaHost. They are not just concerned with looking after big companies that have their web hosting accounts with them, it seems. As a web hosting company, they also take great care to look after non profitable organizations like our own little mothers-club.

If you are looking for a web hosting company, then no matter what your needs are, turn to VodaHost. Their affordable prices, reliable customer service and excellent features have made every penny worth it for me. The best web hosting company on the market.