The easiest way to set up a web hosting account

I was looking to create a website that was customizable and would help sell my offline stock of imported handicrafts. Some of my friends suggested I take high quality photographs of my products and see a website designer to have the designs and concept transformed into a website. However my experience of meeting designers did not go well. Not being that technologically-minded I did not even know how to build a website of my own. When I heard about VodaHost and its’ various services, Soholaunch was something that immediately caught my attention.

I was basically looking for a cheap web hosting company when VodaHost was referred to me for its website builder software. In my experience Soholaunch and BlueVoda have been the best site building software I have ever used. In fact Soholaunch is actually as powerful as the very popular oscommerce CMS system that is used for building customized e-commerce websites. With little or no knowledge about programming you can build a completely customized e-commerce driven website using database and other powerful tools. Now isn’t that cool?

Plus their tutorials are among the best offered by major best web hosting companies. Their tools enable a person of little or no technical knowledge to build a website. Building a website and getting no visitors is wasting all your money in vain. VodaHost not only is a great place to host your website but they also helped me get a head start on my advertising campaign by giving me a holiday coupon for discounted service which they do regularly. Thus VodaHost scores heavily over other best web hosting companies in terms of customer assistance and satisfaction. Because of the great service that VodaHost has provided me I am planning to launch all my future website projects through only them and also recommend my friends to migrate their websites to the best web hosting company on the internet; VodaHost.

VodaHost is also very capable in fact they are really professional in terms of their promises to maintain a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Some of the best web hosting companies would promise only to falter and not keep their promises to maintain a good uptime record. In fact some of the cheap web hosting companies would not even have their own data center; that means they don’t even have capability to control their delivery promises.

Most cheap web hosting companies would not be offering you compatibility with the major merchant accounts or compatibility with the major CMS systems and DBS systems. You can simply install whatever CMS system you need and get started. VodaHost is simply so much better than other cheap web hosting companies. They not only outperforms these cheap web hosting companies in providing compatibility with all the above but they are also comparable in terms of pricing. I had endeavored to check out at least 5 or 6 other so called best web hosting companies and found their service much below that of VodaHost. VodaHost have truly exceeded my expectations for a reliable and affordable service.