Trustworthy and Efficient Web-Hosting Provider

In today’s world, it is very important to get noticed online. You need a website and more importantly you need to make sure that it is hosted by a trustworthy and efficient web host who can help you with your problems and live up to your expectations by giving you good service throughout.

If you ask me about my experience as a web host’s client, I must say that I have been using the best web hosting service ever for 1 year now! Yes I am talking about VodaHost ’s cheap web hosting service available at only $ 7.95/ month. I am even considering signing up on a 3 year package. I came to know about this web hosting company while I was making my website for my small organization which looks after abandoned orphans. Since this is a nonprofit organization and we heavily depend on sponsors for taking care of the children, it is very necessary to spread the word so that donors can come forward to help. What can be better than a website for this purpose? So I decided to build one for this cause. I wanted to sign up with a cheap web hosting service because I don’t have enough funds to go for something expensive.

With BlueVoda I made a website very quickly and launched it on the web with “one click publishing”. For those who are thinking that you HAVE to build your website using BlueVoda to sign up with VodaHost, I would say “don’t worry!” This cheap web hosting service is compatible with Dreamweaver. VodaHost ’s performance so far is mind blowing. I am thrilled to enjoy the cheap web hosting service which offers all kinds of facilities that you would deem the best web hosting service to provide. VodaHost allows me to have an unlimited number of websites with my account; so I am launching another website exclusively for promoting my charity fundraising programs soon. File transfer using the unlimited FTP accounts that VodaHost provides, has made things easier for me. With the best web hosting service you could ask for, you will not have to worry that your website is not getting enough traffic due to downtime. VodaHost guarantees to provide 99.9% uptime and that is what it does. My website is almost never down. Even if there is any problem (which is very natural), I can quickly contact VodaHost customer support staff who take care of the issue as fast as they can.

VodaHost provides customer care facilities 24/7. I have contacted the support staff for help on two occasions and I must say they have been very patient guiding me to solve the problem I was facing, provided the fact that I am a complete novice when it comes to web technicalities.  Today I am proud of my decision of signing up with VodaHost because I was looking for a cheap service and got the best web hosting service in return. So if you are looking for a cheap web hosting service too but won’t compromise with the features of the best web hosting service, then go for VodaHost.