Web hosting with VodaHost has made my life easier

I originally came across VodaHost when I was looking to set up a web hosting account. I wanted to build a website that I would use to help out ex-patriots living in Spain. I had previously built a couple of websites so I knew what I was doing, however I wanted a web hosting company that had a solid reputation for customer service and who promised high uptime on their web hosting accounts.

VodaHost ticked the boxes on these two essential needs and their prices were excellent so I signed up for a web hosting account. Immediately I come across problem when using my FTP client, I sent off a support ticket to VodaHost customer support and expected a long wait. I was wrong to judge VodaHost on my experiences with another web hosting company as within 24 hours they had got back to me with the answer I was looking for.

I was able to get my website built with 48 hours thanks to the features and benefits of the cPanel on my account. As it had been a while since I had previously used the services of a web hosting company, I also managed to update myself on all the latest techniques by reading their forum and online tutorials. Any company that gives out all that information for free is great.

Anyway that was two years ago and I am still with VodaHost now. There is no reason for me to change to another web hosting company as VodaHost have exceeded my expectations in every way.

The prices of VodaHost accounts stay cheap, they have a very good up-time record but my main reason for staying is the friendly, responsive support I get from VodaHost customer support team for web hosting. My site is one of the most successful ex-pat info sites on the internet today. Why would I change my web hosting company when VodaHost has helped me to do that? I have to say thank you to VodaHost for making life easy in a world when a web hosting company can often become something of a nightmare. Thank you.