The best web host with NO hidden fees

I feel that it is my obligation to my fellow internet marketers and to VodaHost itself to share my experience with the best web hosting service provider. Today my business is making money and my family is living a comfortable life; something that I never thought would happen let me explain why.

Not too long ago I was laid off from my job and for a man with 3 children working was my only option. After more than 6 months of rejection from different companies, a friend suggested I find work online. So, to cut the long story short, after 2 websites and within less than a month of getting myself familiar with how a business works online, I found my way in to making a website. Selling different women products is what I do now.

VodaHost has made everything possible for me with their website builder, BlueVoda. It is so easy to follow their videos to design and create a website. The video guides have helped me develop my websites without knowing a thing. It was for me, at that time, just playing around, as I really had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. Thankfully, VodaHost is not just the best web hosting and cheap web hosting service provider but also known for their great after sales support. Their customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues you may have.

I was able to create my websites in just an hour and have it live within the day. VodaHost cheap web hosting service made it possible for me to sign-up with a 3-year contract at a discounted price. Considering I paid less than $7 a month with the 3 year contract, this is definitely a cheap web hosting fee especially since they have numerous features included within their packages.

I enjoy having unlimited disk space and unlimited MySQL databases as well. What’s more, since VodaHost handles my hosting and provides a website builder where there is no HTML coding experience necessary, it is so very simple for me and for anyone without any prior experience to make a website in little to no time and to keep it updated. VodaHost is not just in my list of cheap web hosting as I get more than what I pay for, but the best web hosting provider in my opinion.

Hey, I almost forgot to mention that part of VodaHost web hosting package includes POP3 accounts for unlimited web mail. In addition, my sign-up has no hidden fees. Keep in mind that VodaHost only charges you what they state and nothing more. So, when you think about everything received, on top of the fact that VodaHost hosting service is fantastic and their customer support service is super friendly and supportive, they definitely provide the best web hosting and the cheap web hosting service ever!

I am now enjoying my life, because VodaHost ensures that my websites are available to potential customers at an uptime of 99.98% excellent, even up to this day. They are the best web hosting provider based on how my websites are making me money today and many thanks for the job well done. Salute!