Advanced Features for your Web Site

My name is Ethan Barcroft and I live in a coastal area in which, boating and sailing are the most popular activities for people to take part in. Being in these surroundings, I run a boat-building business along with my brothers. With the increase in use of the internet, it has become necessary for every business to have a website- if one wishes to remain in the market. However, this is easier said than done!  I am the head of the marketing department of our business and so, I needed to set up an online website. I had to look for a cheap web hosting service, as we were new to the field and I did not wish to make a big investment.

I was aware that opting for a cheap web hosting service may mean an average quality of service, but I was willing to take the risk. In my many searches I came across VodaHost which was named the best web hosting service. I went through the customer reviews that were available on the website and they incited my curiosity as these were full of praises. What was strange was that VodaHost was offering its services at only a cost of $7.95 per month- which meant no huge investment was necessary and there was no permanent contract either; so I could cancel the service at any time I wanted. It was too good an offer to refuse and so I went for VodaHost.

I have to say that this best web hosting service was all that it was said to be. Countless features were offered which made it a very cheap web hosting service with a whole lot to offer. As compared to the other web hosting services which offer only limited disk space, VodaHost provides it’s customers with not only unlimited disk space but also unlimited data transfers. The average up-time provided by VodaHost is 99.9% which is absolutely true. Other web hosting services do not provide even half the up-time offered by this best web hosting service. The network is also lightening fast, which is a great advantage.

Another great feature offered by this cheap web hosting service is that, it comes with a free website builder which enables you to design a very professional website in a matter of hours. This has further ascertained the popularity of VodaHost. In addition, VodaHost gives a lot of priority to it’s customers as it has a very efficient customer support system. They are available 24 hours a day; so, in case of any problem people can contact them and get an immediate response.

VodaHost is also called the best web hosting service because it enables it’s customers to get unlimited email accounts. Customers can also have unlimited add-on domains under one single account which is cost effective and useful. Affiliate software is also a part of the package offered by VodaHost. At such a low cost, people get a wide variety of features which makes it a cheap web hosting service.
VodaHost therefore, allowed our boat-building business to expand and we now make customized boats for different boat racing competitions. I can tell you with confidence that it is the best web hosting service available.