Thrive with Fantastic Web Hosting

I had been searching endlessly for a good, cheap and reliable web host in all the major search engines until one day I came across VodaHost. I found this hosting service by searching “cheap web hosting” and “best web hosting”; VodaHost was often right at the top of the list. Yes, it does live up to its claims. Some of the core features that attracted me are the unlimited disk space and bandwidth and of course the web hosting features and support that can fulfil my blog site needs. If you are wondering what kind of blog needs so much disk space, it is actually an informative blog on food and travel. It has loads of pictures and videos; information on each place and countless different cuisines I have critiqued. Back to the topic, it also offers a free domain name registration upon the purchase of a web hosting account, which is a great deal for the first time user. With unlimited email accounts and domain names per account, I am able to create different domain sites, one for food and one for travel.

I have read many reviews that say that VodaHost is not only known as a cheap web hosting service, it is also one of the best web hosting services. Here’s why. By using the CMS included by VodaHost, it really eases my task in designing and updating my site without any hassle. I am not a computer geek but I can easily build up my blog site with BlueVoda. BlueVoda is a website builder which can be downloaded from VodaHost for free. I saved so much time uploading my pictures about food and travel. Plus, there are video tutorials that are so easy to follow. This is a good tip especially for computer illiterates like me.

It also provides flexibility, which makes it the best web hosting service for me. Other than BlueVoda, I also tried VodaHost’s CMS system which is Joomla!  I also have a WordPress site and I absolutely love working with Joomla! It takes just a few minutes to install and use the existing tools and resources to structure the site beautifully. Even without programming knowledge I was able to create so many other features like calendars, search engines, interactive questionnaires and more! Yes, now with all those tutorials I have progressed much in terms of coding and editing layouts too! Furthermore, it is only priced at $7.95 per month, where else can you get cheap web hosting with such a price?

VodaHost’s promises 99.9% up-time and unlimited storage, therefore I was indeed able to keep all my old blogs in the site, unlike in the previous site where I simply have to delete the old blogs just to update my new ones. I have not come across such a cheap web hosting provider with remotely similar features. I am also satisfied with VodaHost in terms of support, which I found very efficient and friendly in helping me to solve my sites’ problems. They are quite responsive, professional and they really know what they are talking about. This is one reason why I am confident in calling this service the best web hosting service.

With their affordable and cheap pricing; it is definitely one of the best cheap web hosting services; I am going to stay with them in the future and build more websites. Considering all of the above, why wouldn’t one choose VodaHost? I definitely will recommend VodaHost to my friends and family. It is after all well known as one of the best web hosting services out there.