Web hosting with VodaHost has done great things for my website!

Web hosting can be a challenging endeavor, especially for newbie web builders and thus, when I was introduced to VodaHost, I was a little bit skeptical. I didn’t know very much about websites and web hosting but I wanted a website for my business. My friends said that I should have a website for my arts and crafts business in order to reach global customers and make a little more money.

I was skeptical when she said that VodaHost was one of the best web hosting companies because at the time I was facing something that I didn’t really understand; I didn’t know what a cPanel was, what domain names were or how they worked in terms of web hosting and of the many features listed on the VodaHost website, I didn’t know which ones would best benefit me.

However because I was sure I wanted a website, I gave it a try. I watched many of the web hosting tutorial videos and wondered how VodaHost would be able to help me. After I had watched the videos and read reviews about VodaHost I felt that they could indeed help me out. The free templates, unlimited disk space and data transfers seemed good.

I then checked further what VodaHost web hosting offers. I was concerned in particular about the cost involved and what the amount I paid them would give me in terms of their web hosting services. The straightforward cost was very low with no hidden charges and was a great deal for me. I didn’t want to shell out a lot of money; I wanted a simple website and that was all I needed at the moment.

I decided to give their web hosting a try because I knew I will be up and running all the time because of the 100% uptime. Wait, no, VodaHost guarantee 99.9% uptime but in my experience it is 100% up to this moment. Tell you what; we’ll agree on an average of 99.95%.

I followed the VodaHost web hosting tutorial videos to the t and had a couple of back-and-forths with the customer support team. I got my website up though and I felt great about it. The friendly and helpful VodaHost team and the video tutorials all saw me through.

Also, I shouldn’t forget to mention, I love the available website templates and they did great things for my brand new website. I’ve had fun web hosting here; I’ll definitely be creating a couple more websites soon.

I initially paid monthly but eventually I want to get the VodaHost annual package to take advantage of less money per month.