We have web hosting with VodaHost to thank for our success!

I’ve found the VodaHost web hosting company to be the ultimate resource when it comes to web hosting services. I work with a small theatre group and we were in the middle of producing a play when our leading lady met with an accident and unfortunately had to leave it. It was proving very difficult to find a new actress in a short space of time and someone suggested that we invite applications via the internet. Thus it came to be that we needed a website so that good potential actresses could contact us and send in their resumes. It was all a good idea but we just didn’t have finances enough to bear the expenditure on website designing and web hosting services.

One of the actors told us about the VodaHost web hosting company. He said it offered fantastic features at very reasonable prices. I checked it out for myself and it was true. The VodaHost web hosting company provided unlimited domain names, domain registration and domain transfers. We could choose any domain name and VodaHost would register it free of cost for us! Furthermore, the VodaHost web hosting company also gives unlimited email accounts shopping carts and merchant accounts. They also provide unlimited disk space and data transfers. We didn’t have to worry about running out of space and unlimited aspirants could apply for the job. They could also upload their pictures very easily. The VodaHost web hosting company also provided a free website builder BlueVoda with which we were able to create our own website very easily. We did not need to spend any money on a website designer. It was amazing.

We ordered the VodaHost web hosting package and we got it at a very reasonable price. Within a few days we had our own website live on the internet and the search was on now. Many beautiful and talented ladies were sending us their details. Any problems we had with the operation were efficiently sorted out by the VodaHost customer support and tech support that was available round the clock to help us. The customer care representatives proved to be very professional.

Within a week or so of our talent hunt beginning, we had found a very talented actress to grace our stage. Thanks to the VodaHost web hosting company and the exposure we got through our website, our show is playing to packed houses. We are able to announce the new plays and activities happening in our theatre group on our website. Today we are a very successful theatre group and I have no hesitation in saying that VodaHost web hosting company has made it possible for us.