Web hosting with VodaHost is the best medicine

Web hosting with VodaHost has been so good. I met with an accident and was confined to my bed for three months and I felt so lonely; I didn’t have any friends nearby because we were new to the area and I just didn’t know what to do. Though my parents had brought me innumerable DVDs, books and computer games, the loneliness was insufferable. I had finished all the games, books and DVDs within a couple of weeks. Then one day my father gave me a really good idea. He told me that he would help me out with getting a website designed for myself. Managing the website would teach me new things and the time would just fly by. The first thing I learned was that a web hosting account was necessary to publish a website on the internet.

We checked out many web hosting companies but none seemed satisfactory enough. Some web hosting services asked for hefty fees and others did not seem to be that reliable from the look of their website. It was one of my father’s friends who told us about VodaHost. We thought the VodaHost web hosting company would be like all other web hosting companies but when we checked out, we were very impressed by the unlimited web hosting features VodaHost offer. They provides unlimited domain name hosting (basically as many websites as you like), domain registration and domain transfers. You are actually given the privilege of choosing the domain name of your choice and VodaHost register it for your website, for one term, absolutely free. VodaHost also provides unlimited disk space and data transfers which are excellent for uploading as much data for your website as you like. Added to this VodaHost provides unlimited email accounts, shopping carts and merchant accounts. I could find many friends and provision of shopping carts meant that I could sell stuff as well… Suddenly an idea sparked in my mind; I would sell or even rent my Books, DVDs and computer games on my website. My father was happy with the idea and these features were available at an incredibly reasonable price. It was thus that I became the proud owner of a VodaHost web hosting account. It was so exciting and for a short while I completely forgot about my hopeless situation.

There was more too as this web hosting company has their very own website builder, BlueVoda to use make a website on your own. So I had my own website and I was thrilled to make so many friends through it. We regularly chatted on my website and my parents were happy that I was earning a little money as well; they saw it as an enterprising move. The customer support and tech support was available 24×7 to help me if I had any problem regarding my website. They were very polite and friendly in their dealings with me and the few times I did contact them the help I received was straight forward and workable.

My father was right, time flew past and very quickly it was time for college and studies. VodaHost web hosting company had managed to make the one of the most miserable time of my life so memorable. Thank you VodaHost!