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I manufacture greeting cards designed by under-privileged children and act as a medium between them and the privileged people of the world who buy them. I wanted a reliable web hosting company to host my website to advertise these cards and to help me be a big part of spreading their creativity across globe and to help them earn some money and improve their standard of living. VodaHost has been instrumental in this and excellent to all of us and I’m happy to report that I have been able to host my website just as I needed using their services. Now, with VodaHost, web hosting has become something that is so simple; I can promote the work of the children to my heart’s content as there is no end to the disk space available with VodaHost to do this. I can upload as many cards onto the website as I like (which I was actually able to design myself using the great website design tools they offer). The technical support department has also been a great help in getting all of this accomplished.

VodaHost has some wonderful features which have been extremely helpful while I was creating my website. I could choose from any domain name, for example, and VodaHost gave me the domain I wanted for free for a year when I signed up. I feel so elated when I see the work of the kids reaching their destination thanks to VodaHost. We have been able to capture a huge market by showcasing creativity of under privileged children on my website and VodaHost only enhances it with their constant and unrelenting (in a good way) web hosting support. I don’t think we could have accomplished so much had it not been for this awesome web hosting company.

VodaHost has been extremely reliable with regards their professionalism towards web hosting. I’ve found them always to be very friendly and responsive to any of the questions I have asked with all the help I have needed. I never knew web hosting could be so satisfying, so much fun and so inspiring too. Thanks to VodaHost, web hosting has become a very interesting and manageable service to work with. I feel very happy to have come across a company like VodaHost as they has dispelled any worries I had when I started web hosting and they have made the website I had imagined a reality; that has been very important to me. I have recommended this web hosting company to anyone I’ve come across who was looking for a solution to web hosting.