I will stay with VodaHost web hosting as long as I am online

I was on the prowl for a really good web hosting company and I had searched about online and found several web hosting companies that I liked the look of. Many of them had good reviews and some of them had extremely bad reviews. During my search, I didn’t find a single web hosting company that did not have some small blemish in their service or at least there is no web hosting company that has no outages of service.

This is actually explainable for many reasons; maintenance and the like. Of course cyber-space is now full of such web hosting players and there no way any web hosting company will be up and running 100% of the time. I was ready for that.

I did find one however, VodaHost, that guaranteed an uptime of 99.9%. Was it these web hosting guys that I was looking for? I checked what their packages had to offer…

VodaHost web hosting offers unlimited disk space, an unlimited monthly bandwidth, an unlimited number of websites per account, unlimited domain names allowed, complete cPanel feature, e-commerce features, email features and much, much more (you guessed it, unlimited) stuff. There is a lot more in the list of VodaHost features but what caught my eye most was the 24×7 customer support. A customer support department that is available even while you sleep is a reliable and dependable thing.

I am relatively new to web hosting and I wanted my business website to be up and running at the most reasonable price possible. The offer seemed chock-full of features and the price was low. I went on and checked the reviews. Honestly, I ignored the good reviews, which were plentiful and tried to focus on finding a bad review and I found some of course but that negative review was negated when I saw a VodaHost user saying that VodaHost need to file legal action against the bad review I decided to ignore it.

If this person was willing to vouch for VodaHost because she they good experience with them, then I was willing to go ahead with VodaHost.

The setup and monthly fee were very reasonable indeed. I’m a little bit in love with the BlueVoda website builder from VodaHost because it helped me create my website really easily. The ready-made template I chose was just perfect and I tried to tweak it a bit to my own personal tastes.

I created my first website and because of the VodaHost flash video tutorials, I was able to learn quite a bit about cPanel and how it worked towards the publishing of my website.

The friendly customer support team likewise have been good and helpful. I know I’ve found the web hosting company I needed and I think I will stay with VodaHost for as long as I am online.